10 Smart Links You Missed on Twitter on Today (via Google Reader)
  • What the Luddites really fought against (Hint: it wasn’t technology): http://bit.ly/eM9VrL via @robert_sibley
  • When a tree falls in the forest, they *will* hear it. Always. In real-time. And over the Internet: http://bit.ly/iiBiOv via @pruned
  • Facebook Comments: a social data honeytrap? http://bit.ly/eKmzcz via @adders
  • Why “startups” will destroy us: http://bit.ly/e1fQNF via @PetoveraDesign
  • What if we combined social reading and augmented reality so that book titles float above readers’ heads when viewed through a smartphone app? http://bit.ly/esUPxJ via @mstephens7
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  • “Right now, The Daily is just so erratic and unfocused that reading it is like witnessing a new identity crisis every day” http://bit.ly/gxo89I via @simondumenco
  • Pretotyping: Creating extremely simplified versions of a product to help validate the premise that “If we build it, they will use it.” http://bit.ly/gXGF3U via @the_idea_agency
  • “The failures to make the data right is the reason we’re not getting a responsible government” http://bit.ly/gT4CsR via @RealPolitix
  • Rubyists coming together for Japan: http://bit.ly/g9pqWt via @blowmage
  • The ‘gamification’ of news, and how it can be relevant: http://bit.ly/eukZpc via @robquig
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