a chorus line

There’s a new behavior I spot. And I don’t think I’m the only who’s doing it. I periodically review my  iPhone apps. Which one am I using most? Any I haven’t been using and should delete? Which lucky apps get to play on my starting line up (home screen). Which should get benched? Will I ever get this pre-installed stocks app off my phone? Updates? New apps I should buy/download?

I find this process fascinating. What makes an app a top app? Outside of number of downloads and reviews? What makes it a top app for me? Understanding that decision- making and preference process might be able to uncover insights to make apps with lasting power…to make it to the top of the list…not just by Apple’s statistics standards. But by my standards. And other people like me because I don’t think I’m an outlier. How interconnected does an app need to be for me? Scrabble game “words with friends” connects me with friends all over the country in an ongoing, interactive way. My “TweetDeck” app connects me to my desktop version of the app and my fb status updates. “IQ” connects me to my Netflix queue and add movies that I can immediately stream on my blue ray player. And “Chorus” links me to an entire social network of app enthusiasts and their “credible” opinions of which apps are awesome (jury’s out on what I think about the chorus community).

Then there’s this tumblr app…which I’m using to write this post. Honestly writing anything more on than a tweet is long and hard. But I never use this app…so during this random re-org of my iPhone apps, I decided to make use of it..do I want to keep it? I think so. I’m likely not going to use it too often (this really is painful), but I like it just being there. How’s that for why I’m keeping an app on my phone? I like it just being there. In case. Of what? Likely not to post from it again. Hmmm.

Back to my iphone spring cleaning.