a few tuesday night finds

one way to unwind after a long day of work that began and ended with a long walk to/from the train station in that lovely wet, slippery, muddy nyc snow is with a fun aimless ride through the internets [insert nerd joke here].  sometimes the ride is fun, sometimes interesting, sometimes it unveils dark stalker tendencies that i didn’t know i had, sometimes they make me feel smarter the next day at work. sometimes they lead me to start some god-awful project.


  • -i am going to re-upholster my sofa, myself. what should i do?
  • -i think i am going to redesign the lighting scheme in my dated and crooked brooklyn apartment. i just need to make a google sketch up drawing of this place
  • -i’ve been thinking about getting a watch, so i need to research every possible type of watch out there and then check out every possible brand i’d consider buying and then check out all the different prices out there and then find some socks to match the watch that i still haven’t bought
  • -i have cheese, flour, eggs and 4 pounds of coffee, what can i make (this project is a recurring one).

tonight’s adventures included the following:

http://www.ted.com/talks/blaise_aguera.html : I know, i know all this augmented reality talk can make one sick. but this short 8 min. vid shows how bing is using augmented reality to bring digital maps and cartography to life in new ways. very cool. and the pike place market live augmented reality mapping is done over a 4G network. nice.

http://expertlabs.org/ : this kind of group can help make all of America’s CIO’s “chatter” about technology, public policy and community a reality. don’t know much about this group, but came across this guy’s blog and i like the idea. more please.

http://battellemedia.com/archives/005124.php : John’s always got something interesting to say and a whole host of interesting (adventure starting) links. This particular article talks about twitter metrics. how do we measure all these 140 character broadcasts in a meaningful way? roi? engagement? twittersense?

http://www.wired.com/epicenter/2010/02/the-wired-ipad-app-a-video-demonstration/ : Woah. Wired Magazine seems to have been off creating an innovative, engaging application with Adobe while every other magazine was crying or arguing against the “print is dead” idea….i want this app now. check it.

http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/02/13/chatroulettes-founder-17-introduces-himself/ : umm, he’s 17. say what???

http://www.qapture.net/ : i want to be listed here. a moment in twitter time. a good site to find some interesting tweeters to follow.

time to walk the dog now….