Hyper island master class

Today begins day 2 of my hyper island master class. I intend on writing a more thoughtful post later this week on the experience, but as a way of keeping some key thoughts top of mind for me, here’s my day one learnings:

- we should stop just repeating an start reflecting.
- focus on the learning One not the comfort zone (ha)
- change is hard, painful, and hurts
- change is needed (or retire)
- stop living in the “then and now” and live in why’s to come
- “how we were” isn’t going to help us move forward as an industry
- cow tipping is a myth
- every has a “stinky fish”
- identifying and putting our stinky fish out there at least starts us all out from an honest place
- rethink the creative team: partner with a planner
- traditional advertising = individuals created ideas
- digital/today/tomorrow= an idea can come from anywhere
- bringing that idea to life requires collaboration

- The Georgetown university CCT program (where I got my masters) is essentially hyperisland In a Jesuit cloak

- replacing the word digital with networks really does help change our mindset

- rethink the brief.

- ask yourself why you would (as a consumer) want to spend any time with any advertisement, ever. No really, marketer, ask yourself and answer honestly. Don’t use industry speak.

- it’s a giant shame that our creative Leaders aren’t at the class. Without them them on board, none of this matters as far as reality is concerned.

- “digital” in communications / advertising isn’t not just snout technology, tools, and vein a computer whiz (ha).
-it’s a mindset. A way of thinking (forward thinking). A way of understanding how we/people experience life, the world, and all the touchpoints along the wAy.

Top line thoughts. Mainly so I don’t forget. One thing I’ve been inspired to do more of is post here more often..so I will (or try to).

And seriously - if you’re reading this and your interested in this space, visit CCT.Georgetown.edu. Hyper island Also has a 2 year program in Sweden.

Special thanks to Dr. Linda Garcia who taught me (so far) everything. I learned on Day 1 of hyper island about 12 years ago - before twitter, 4aquare, Facebook etc existed.

Day 2 - here we go….