Introducing COMMON (via Google Reader)


On Thursday of this week we had a bunch of friends over at the cottage to introduce them to a new idea we’ve been working on. We had about fifty plus people packed upstairs and another several thousand watching the live stream. There was plenty of food and drink before we got started and I realized that the socializing was more stressful for me than the presenting to come. So I was happy when we got past the party. I’ve learned before that one of the hardest aspects of any venture/journey is sharing with people where you want to go. That proclomation always feels so audacious and filled with the potential of failure. It feels safer not to say anything and just keep your dreams to yourself but unless you share your mission with a few people, it’s impossible for others to know how they can help.

So Rob Schuham, John Bielenberg and I sucked it up and told some friends. And we took the sharing a bit further than I ever had at CP+B. We streamed it online and put our deck out into the word for download. For a concept like this build around the idea of collaboration nothing else makes sense. The idea is pretty new so it’s difficult to sum up in a sentence. But let’s call it A Collaborative Community/Brand For Social Entrepreneurs. You can check out the video stream below. And the deck is here.

Lots of work to be done in the coming weeks, months and perhaps years to make this happen but the first step has been taken.


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